Firestation Arts & Culture works hard to expand it’s scope of activities and enrich the cultural life in the region and further a field. Here are a few of of our other projects you may like.

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BEAT is a magazine dedicated to showcasing and feeding into the cultural life of Windsor and the surrounding region.

BEAT provides a platform for the artists, writers, dancers, photographers, musicians and filmmakers living and working in the region, talks to their audience and promotes a broad spectrum cultural activity and debate.

Visit Beat Magazine here

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To celebrate the UK 2012 Olympic Games and to build lasting attractions in the region, Firestation Arts & Culture has created The Games Walk – a public art trail and performance festival on the bridges and riverbanks between the Brunel designed Windsor Railway Bridge and Dorney Rowing Lake.

The Games Walk is a public arts playground, offering an exciting and approachable series of temporary and permanent artworks. We also launched a performance festival that coincided with the Olympic events themselves, and showcased the cultural achievements in the region. We were part of the London 2012 Inspire Mark programme for the performance festival. Between the 27th of July and the 12th of August we scrapped our hire fees for our three venues as well as programming local and emerging performers on site at Eton Dorney to entertain spectators. [check out the photos on the Games Walk website]

The arts trail project has been especially chosen to include the local community along with the resident companies and societies that exist and contribute to life on the Thames Corridor.

Local artists and crafts people have worked with community members to create a series of  unique site specific art works along the Thames Path, from an audio installaion as part of The Talking Bridge to a giant mural where you can add your own sound bite, there is alot to experience and interact with on the trail. Download our activities pack from the website so you and your family can discover even more with the trail.

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Fireythings is a bespoke publishing platform cultivating and supporting the very best in cultural products and critically engaged thought. Exisiting at the interface between art and the imagination, culture and new technologies, Fireythings recognises the fragile relationship between content and delivery and seeks to explore the boundaries and possibilities of both.

You’ll find more Fireythings information at

Lemonade Gallery In Your Face

Lemonade Gallery is a progressive and independent UK gallery representing emerging artists from Europe and the USA.

Our artists make work firmly routed in the 21st century, making work using a wide range of media from painting to animated gifs and fashion, and exploring what it means to be alive in a connected, diverse global community.

Find out more about Lemonade Gallery at

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