Rhian Winslade

Rhian Winslade is a ceramicist based in Windsor. She came to ceramics via an unconventional route, after study, many years of music retail and a family. She eventually found clay and hasn’t looked back. When not playing with clay she will probably be found at her allotment.

She loves the slow process of hand-building and takes inspiration from the natural world and the Welsh coastline where she grew up.

Her pots and bowls are all hand coiled free-hand. These pieces are tactile shapes made from a stoneware gritty clay. They have a very distinct contrast, the outside of the pots are left free of glaze and textured: the interior smooth and brightly glazed.

She also makes a range of contemporary porcelain decorations, many of which feature a characteristic hanging bird, all feature huge attention to detail. Decorations may also incorporate fabric pieces or elements from the natural world.

All of Rhian’s work comes perfectly packaged with features that can be customised for individual shops and galleries. She is incapable of throwing anything away, so you will often find hidden gems in her work. Found glass, fabric from her daughter’s old dresses, paper and driftwood to list a few.

For more information please visit Rhian’s website or drop her an email