Suburban Campfires


10 kisses of hope from Ana Silvera, Bastille, Klak Tik, Grey and more.

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As the 21st Century stumbles forward with blind innovation and frantic consumption, apologies and bailouts, our every days are filling with a striking and desperate sense of mediocrity. A dullness springing from endless screen swipes, scurrying interactions and spectacular conversations. Too many likes, not enough Loves. Endless tweets, no Nightingales.

The bands and artists on this album- bundled together from the many who have graced the stages of the Firestation over the last couple of years- offer a sound that chimes like romance, a kiss of hope, a break from the clamouring back to the intimate. Rushing heartbeats in the gloom, faces burning from suburban campfires.

A compilation of music for the times, featuring:

  • Ana Silvera
  • Bastille
  • Klak Tik
  • Grey
  • Love.Stop.Repeat
  • Michael Ormiston & Candida Valent
    and many more.

“Suburban Campfires has an excellent idea at its heart. Its intentions are honourable and it makes no quarrels or qualms about having no transitional pieces in its schizophrenic genre-hopping. This is simply a collection of artists who have only one thing in common: they played the same stage as the other artists onSuburban Campfires.  This release serves as an excellent introduction to all of them. Most of the songs here are strong folk-oriented numbers but the ones that aren’t (inc. the electronic pieces that bookend the record) still exercise a beautiful, occasionally spellbinding, restraint. The first release for the FireyThings label, it’s an intriguing little record that’s well worth a listen.” – Popmatters Magazine

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